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I help you create a wardrobe that reflects your story using ethically fashionable pieces and a conscious consumer mindset 

If only dressing responsibly came with a style guide

But it doesn’t — and, as a result, too many thoughtful people dress carelessly or are constantly worrying, Do I look OK? Am I caring enough or too much? How can I feel confident buying clothes in today’s world?

We all know that clothing choices can be revealing or concealing in ways that have nothing to do with the cut of the fabric. And we’re all aware of the paradox of choice. Colors, patterns, and textures tell stories — and, these days, even the fabrics themselves do, too.

We all want to feel confident about our clothing choices: to look and feel great, to show up in the world as we wish to be seen, and to make decisions consistent with our calling to good stewardship of the earth. But it can be hard to know where to begin.

Perhaps you’ve wondered how other people make it all look so effortless. Or you’ve looked in your closet and found too many choices and not nearly enough inspiration. Or maybe you’ve begun to feel uneasy about the human and ecological costs of fast fashion.

Wanting to dress joyfully and responsibly – taking care of the earth, its people, and the creation, and wanting to represent and reflect a true image back into the world means paying attention from a new place. A biblical place.

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping clients develop styles that are not only as thoughtful as they are, but timeless and true to their values. Moving beyond carelessness, apathy or worry takes effort, but it can be done — and it can be fun.

If you’re ready to develop a style that confidently reflects who you are created to be using sustainable, traceable fabrics that expresses a healthy self-forgetting, or you just want to know more about dressing responsibly in line with your values, please let me know. 

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