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Let’s create an honest wardrobe, one that tells the true story of who you are so you can serve others with grace and meet the world with confidence!

The world has turned upside down, and yet we still have to get dressed. Can I get your permission to have it be… fun? Or maybe just easy?

Because your clothes do more for you than just keep you covered. When you see yourself in the mirror if should reflect the story of who you are back to you. Your innate beauty and strength guide the narrative of your clothing. Are you dressing that? 

If not, who are you dressing?

Because what we wear is not about who we think we are or what others think we should be wearing, but about who we know we are.

We are made to be genuinely human. And when we step away from our humanity and prevent it from shining through, we lose our connection to our real self.

Being brave and being ourselves isn’t easy. But when the story our clothing tells works for us instead of against us, then our voice, our most authentic self is allowed to be present in every conversation including the one with ourselves. And that’s the dialogue you want to recognize…

Is it accurate? Is it faithful? Is it you?

Getting dressed should help us remember who we are and how we want to show up in the world. Instead, so often it’s a careless, frustrating or an agonizing ritual… 

I’m Kathleen Audet! 

I love working with men and women on their stories around their clothing. A few years ago, I sat around a table with 10 women with advanced degrees and the question to me was, “Why do clothes even matter? The discussion was rich, but the answer was simple:

Because your work matters!

I am not about fashion for the sake of fashion, but I do know that we can use our clothing as a resource to feel good. So good that we forget about ourselves and press on with the work we are created to do and the purpose for which we live.

 Think about this…

  • We have the opportunity to dress in a way that reflects our values, our roles, our goals so that we give a true impression about who we are.
  • Long before we speak, we announce ourselves in a more ancient language than our voice.  Is it accurate?
  • Our clothing is a second skin. We are body and soul, so everything we place against our body encourages us or discourages us.
  • We have to think about what we wear in order to think of ourselves less, and in turn think more about others.

It’s a paradox!

When we take the time for self-understanding, aligning who we are with what we wear, we can finally get out of our own way and become more other centered. There IS an appropriate way to be self-focused.

This is especially true as we take a deep dive and recover our story, so we can confidently express it through our clothing.

When we work together, we’ll unearth words that deeply resonate with you. Then together we’ll translate your words into the design elements in the clothing. Consequently, you will love what you feel and see in the mirror, allowing your true spirit, mind and body to confidently shine through to the people you seek to serve.

My Wardrobe Story

In reframing my own wardrobe story, I had to address the hollow disenchantment about life that I often find my clients in. I had to unearth my own shame around dressing. The myriad voices and self talk that weren’t serving me or my family had to be revised.

And after a stroke in my 30s, I had to decide if getting dressed even one more time was worth it. In the mystery and oftentimes angst in our closets is the chance to bring revelation and healing. After years of unraveling my own clothing stories, I choose to help my clients do the same.


If you are searching for a more honest way to present yourself, and you are wondering if our values align, here are some of mine for you to consider…

  • The search for our genuine humanness is worth it, and our wardrobe needs to reflect that.

  • Our individual actions matter. Small habits of responsible dressing provide moments of collective conversation about sustainability and creation care. Seismic shifts take time, but we can make a difference.

  • I believe the virtues of faith, hope and love lived out as best we can on a daily basis means we will spend some time thinking hard about how we show up in the world. I ask: what does it mean to care about where our clothes comes from, who is making them, and how much good or harm is happening therein? 

  • Throwing all your clothes away is not the answer. But sustainability, value and being a good steward of your money is. I believe in caring for yourself and thus caring for your clothes so that environmentally you are preserving the planet while at the same time wearing clothes that fit your body and your values.

  • I believe that elegance means simplicity. When you pare down your wardrobe, your creativity and imagination are activated.

  • The God of Scripture is deep, nuanced, dynamic, mysterious, and always an unfolding presence, which has profound impact on our lives, including our clothing.  

I believe that your clothing story – brought to light – can transform you and in turn, you can have the confidence to show up anywhere with peace of mind. Once you see that reflection in the mirror and can love what you see, you are free to love, to live and to serve.

– Kathleen Audet

 . I   Getting dressed affects everything about you, including your soul, and the mystery of that needs to be honored and assimilated. How we dress affects how we see the world as much as it does how the world sees us.

I’m passionate about helping you dress as genuinely human as possible. I know that it can be hard to define our greatest strengths and assets, and even harder to realize how they might connect to our work.Looking inward is challenging for most of us, and I skillfully guide clients through this. I support you in exploring your strengths, increasing your creativity or analytic skills, and helping you understand your gifts.  I have the advantage of looking from the outside in and the privilege of looking from the inside — with you.

Learning how to dress so people will see the real you — the best version of yourself — is a game changer for the people I work with. May you give yourself this chance to be inspired and motivated from a source deep inside you — to let your clothes finally tell your true story. Confident dressing is yours for the taking.

I have over 25+ years of experience as an image consultant propelling Fortune 500 executives, prestigious industry leaders, TEDx speakers, and hopefully you to confidently own their voice, presence, and personal brand. My profound expertise in communication and style helps them unlock their authentic leadership, leading to increased awareness, enhanced confidence, and impactful nonverbal communication. I’ve trained with Conselle Institute of Image Management, AICI, and taken numerous style, color and fit classes for men and women. My volunteer work in thrift stores, homeless and women’s shelters and the ability to live in downtown cities has shaped my view of the fashion world and the change that needs to happen. I hope I have the privilege of meeting you and learning your wardrobe story.


With love,


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