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I want to make 100% sure we are a right fit:

The key to your finding a coach and mentor who can facilitate the progress you need on your image and authentic self is very personal. And in order to make sure we are the right fight for working together, I’d like you to consider contributing your answers to the questions below.

I do my best work with someone who has (or has had) a certain level of experience and personal development, and I know that you will feel more comfortable working with me if we can connect via video, which will allow you to see how we work together and give you evidence that I can help you.  

Once I receive the application below (all answers are kept confidential), I will reach out to you to schedule an information session where I will answer your questions – about my processes, costs, your style, your clothing challenges, etc. – so that you can feel secure about working with me. 

When I receive the application, if I think we may be a good fit, I will send information to book a call. Do know that there is no fee for this session and no obligation to book any further appointments.

(Once I receive your application, I will review it and respond within 2 working days.)

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