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Not sure where to start your conscious closet journey?

Spend an enlightening 60 minutes with me and begin a new way of dressing mindfully because…

Every thread whispers a truth. Not just about your style, but about the unseen world your clothes inhabit. From the hands that stitched them in forgotten corners of the globe to the resources ripped from the earth to create them, each garment carries a hidden narrative. Do you dare to listen?

Because the truth can be unsettling.

The chemicals clinging to the fabric might be seeping into your skin. The “rock-bottom” price might be built on someone else’s broken back. The “trendy” design might have left a trail of environmental devastation.

Silence is compliance. By blindly wearing these stories, we become complicit in their consequences. But by choosing to listen, we can rewrite the narrative. When we consider the ethical side of getting dressed, we can seek out clothes that tell a story of responsibility, sustainability, and a biblical mandate to care for the earth.

The choice, like the story, is yours. Dressing with purpose includes…

  • Choosing clothes that reflect your values: This includes things like sustainability and fair trade and traceability.
  • Building a wardrobe that lasts: Forget trends, focus on quality and pieces you truly love.
  • Expressing yourself: Your clothes tell the world who you are.
  • Focusing on what matters: By dressing with purpose, you can spend less time thinking about clothes and more time on what’s important.

Connect with me ON this fashion fundamentals 1 -hour session for $100

A conscious closet isn’t just about having less, it’s about having more of what matters. 

A cluttered closet can be a constant source of stress and decision fatigue. Every morning, we’re bombarded with choices, each piece whispering its own story, vying for our attention. This constant decision-making can drain our mental energy and leave us feeling overwhelmed

By embracing authenticity, we curate clothing that aligns with our values and purpose. Each piece holds meaning and resonates with our personal style. We no longer face endless options, but rather, a selection that reflects who and whose we are. 

Creating this intentional approach frees up mental space, allowing us to focus on the things that truly matter – not what to wear, but how we want to live our lives. With a storied approach, our clothes become tools for self-expression, not burdens of indecision, empowering us to tell our own stories with clarity and purpose.

Here’s what you get in our time together:

  • Unearth your hidden style words: Through engaging pre-work, you’ll discover aspects of your personal style you never knew existed, empowering you to shop smarter, express yourself boldly, and cultivate lasting confidence.
  • Join a seasoned image consultant, who has unlocked the style stories of hundreds of men and women, in this powerful one-hour session to help you start a sustainable wardrobe.
  • Master the art of less is more: Learn pro tips and tricks to curate a streamlined closet that functions as your personal artist’s palette, allowing you to be the artist in your own closet.
  • Three days of virtual closet work – see a sample here.  We’ll co-create a virtual closet showcasing your top 20 essential items, forming the foundation of a sustainable and versatile capsule wardrobe that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Unlimited email support for 3 days.

This time together is more than just a style upgrade – it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Are you ready to tell your story and dress with purpose through the language of fashion?

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Dressing With Purpose is a conscious choice to align our values with our wardrobes.

In this pursuit, sustainability and ethically made become more than just environmental buzzwords. It’s about honoring the stories woven into each garment, from the hands that crafted it to the resources it consumed. It’s about building a wardrobe that speaks not just of trends, but of our commitment to a gentler world.

This is the promise of a conscious closet. A space where your wardrobe becomes a canvas for your values, a source of inspiration and empowerment, and a testament to your commitment to living a life of meaning and purpose.

For many women, our closets whisper stories. They hold remnants of past chapters, fleeting trends, and cherished pieces that tell the tale of who we are. But as we mature, it’s natural to crave a wardrobe that reflects not just our history and not just our style, but also our intentions for the future. This Dress With Purpose call leads us beyond the confines of fast fashion and towards a space of mindful curation, where each item has been purposely chosen.  

But how do we navigate this shift? Minimalism, often misunderstood as deprivation, offers a guiding light. Instead of focusing on subtraction, it encourages intention. It celebrates owning fewer, better-made pieces that transcend fleeting trends and reflect our unique style. It empowers us to invest in quality, embrace pre-loved treasures, and support brands that align with our values.

This intentional approach spills beyond the fabric and thread. It becomes a canvas for self-expression, where each sartorial choice whispers our story. It fosters confidence, not in the number of labels we wear, but in the values we embody. It celebrates individuality, encouraging us to curate wardrobes that are as unique and multifaceted as we are.

The journey towards a mindful wardrobe is one of discovery. It’s about shedding the excess and uncovering the essence of who we are. It’s about choosing clothing that not only flatters our figures but also reflects the women we’ve become and the path we’re paving. So, let’s open our closets with fresh eyes, cultivate intention in our choices, and discover the joy of dressing with purpose.

Please join me.

The cost is $100. 



Dressing with Purpose


A space for people who care about their faith AND sustainability, who want to align their clothing choices with their values, so they never created an overstuffed closet again, because

Our earth and its people cry out for healing and help. We, as stewards of God’s creation, have a sacred responsibility. We are commanded to nurturing and saving life, environmental stewardship and restoring beauty.

Ethical fashion whispers not just of ecological balance, but of God’s love for all his creation. I invite you to become instruments of that love, championing responsible living and inspiring hope for our world.


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