The Heroine’s Wardrobe Journey – Private Wardrobe Coaching

Application is necessary to see if we are a good fit, and for you to discover what changes are ahead if you decide to work with me. After you apply, we can meet via video.

Are you Facing these Super Villains in Your Closet?

Dear Closet:
“You can make me feel my most beautiful and my most insecure.”
I understand, it’s unfair to burden you with the weight of defining me, but that’s just how it is. I want you to show me my potential. I want you to represent my inner self. I’ve worked very hard on me and now I’d like it very much if you would play along, huh? Be a pal!
“There’s so much insecurity in here, and I know it has nothing to do with my actual body shape because I’ve felt insecure since high school when my shape was perfect and I was gorgeous.”
I’m wondering why I didn’t make time sooner to get you.
“There are pieces here that I love, that I spent good money on, but there’s not a purpose to hanging on just in case”
“I know that what fills my closet also fills my heart, and drains it”

Is this the STORY you’re telling yourself?

“It doesn’t matter how I dress, it’s who I am on the inside that matters!”

“Does it really matter if I buy fast fashion pieces?”

“Getting dressed is so frustrating. I have too many clothes and not enough outfits.”

Do you ever feel like it’s not okay to care how you dress – that “my time and energy is better spent on things that truly matter”

The contradictory voices in our quest to dress authentically tell us that we need not spend any time thinking about how we dress. Our colleagues dress casually, why shouldn’t we?  Our mothers or fathers never showed us how to dress, why figure that out now?

The fables in our heads tells us we are not beautiful, not thin enough, not savvy, not enough.

These parts of us that clamor for attention are not concerned with our vocation or our calling; rather their work is to keep us small — and safe. But we need to ask (kindly) that they step aside so that our true Heroine’s Voice can be heard.  And acted upon.

The Fashion Industry Doesn’t Make it Easy Either

We are barraged with messages that our bodies need to look a certain way, or that we must wear sexy clothes to be considered beautiful or worthy of being heard. Some reality shows would have us believe it’s necessary to endure a litany of harsh criticism with our wardrobe paraded out before the TV masses. This is the opposite of empowerment – and it lets people down.  True empowering beauty comes from seeing yourself accurately, living as a reflection of the character of God, and honoring the amazing work you were created to do in the world.

In today’s world, with all of the responsibilities we have and the barrage of images coming at us, it’s natural for us to be put off by the glamour-worshipping, model-obsessed part of our culture.

Hey, let them have that. YOU have a different view.  One that allows you to believe the mystery, the wonder and the beauty of a truthful reflection.

The Heroine’s Wardrobe Journey Details

Join Me on a Journey to Your Mysterious (and soon to be majestic) Wardrobe

Does the mere thought of crawling inside and searching through the fickle forest of fashion trends strung together on twisted hangers make you want to run to the refrigerator in search of something more… comfortable?

You are not alone. We judge each other and, let’s be honest, we judge ourselves. Between the pressure to fit in and the fear of standing out too much (especially in the workplace), we find our true story being drowned out.

Drowned out by the villains of hiding, and perfectionism, judgment, apathy and gluttony.  It’s not pretty.

If these sneaky dragons are suffocating your story, then your Allegory – your story within a story — needs to emerge as the central plot, because the myths holding you back from telling a true story about yourself cost you time, money and peace of mind.

It’s a mistake to underestimate the potency of false narratives that permeate our culture and end up inside our wardrobe, and so I invite you on a journey… 

A journey back to You!

I invite you to look at yourself as if you had never seen it before. To be courageous enough to allow me to guide and serve you – affirming what you already know but perhaps have forgotten, been puzzled by or can’t see.

I invite you to this unveiling of the mystery of your personal wardrobe to explore true self-acceptance and to craft a meaningful, authentic appearance according to Scripture.

The truth is that finding the way back to you and your story and dressing that is not only possible, it’s the only story that keeps you grounded. The only story that gives you an authentic retelling of your real self.

And how do you make this connection in a culture that perpetuates a dysfunctional relationship with our bodies? That is where understanding allegory helps. Your quest to find the way back to you – back to the real you — is your story. And within that story is your true self.-Do you remember when you were overjoyed by your image in the mirror? Do you remember that 5- or 6-year-old YOU twirling in front of the mirror in something you KNEW was beautiful? We were made to be joyful AND beautiful. The feeling of wonder and excitement at our image in the mirror can once again be ours if we really want it to be. You can evoke those feelings again – every time you get dressed. Our style journey begins when we ask ourselves who we are and who we would like ourselves AND the world to see?In preparation for this adventure, we need to spend some time together banishing your wardrobe gargoyles. First we will meet virtually through several online sessions. Then in person over one, two or three days we will resolve any wardrobe challenges and establish a closet you love. I am limited in the number of private clients I take on each year, so please apply for a space, and we will chat about whether or not we are a good fit to work together. Prices range from $3,800 to $10,000 depending on your needs, and the work of transformation requires a 6 to 12 month commitment. 

As we confront the antagonists holding you back from having a wardrobe you love, we will spend time examining:

What are your personal Style Words. What specific colors of the thousands available are designed just for you? What are your accessory and hair narratives? How do you design a closet that serves your needs?

Poetic initiatives to building a lasting wardrobe

How to remove self-sabotaging thought patterns that stifle your creativity and stop you from hearing God’s voice.

Your hero’s journey to a wardrobe you continually create yourself by understanding the basics of wardrobe design

Shopping successfully when you hate to shop

Making your clothes work for your story and not the other way around

  What if you could get dressed and focus on the the work you are called to do because you KNEW you looked terrific?

This is called a healthy self-forgetting – and it’s amazing!

What I am talking about is finding a way to get dressed every day so that you are joyous about YOU, and then ready to take on the day, not inhibited or hindered by your appearance, but letting it work for you.

It’s about allowing your personal style to be present in your closet (and then on your body), to let the real you speak through the lines, shapes, colors, fabrics and patterns you choose to represent YOU.

At some point it’s also wise to want our clothes to work for us – to be a resource to serve us so that we can get up, get dressed and get on with our day. In my own journey with image and style, I have realized that our clothes can be BOTH beautiful and useful. I know that I can dress in a way that says: “this is me” and love what I am wearing, AND also know that I have found appropriate and affordable clothes that reflect my values and goals in life. If you can envision your clothes working for you in beauty and usefulness, significance and power, then you are promoting what I call a “healthy self-forgetting.”

This is the realization that we don’t need to be preoccupied with ourselves, or with wondering how others can be a benefit to us, or even to what we have put on for clothes that morning, but that we have figured out what is hindering us from becoming free and joyous in our own closet and we are free to embrace our own personal style journey!

It’s likely some of our wardrobe narratives have been passed down from generation to generation like old hand me downs. We’re told to fit in instead of discovering clothes that truly fit us well, creating an unending sagas where we (the protagonists) eternally wander from dressing room to dressing room in search of clothes that will “make us” instead of making a deepening connection with ourselves.

If it’s come to the point for you where you have no idea how to dress. If you’ve lost the connection to your inner wisdom and narrative of how to best understand the joy of getting dressed, then a VIP day or two or three may be your next step.

 Private client days are where all my focus is on YOU, your wardrobe, and your style transformation!

You may currently have very little feel for what your personal style is. Or you may have had a personal style that you liked, or even loved, but you’ve lost touch with it over the years.

You may feel connected with and like your personal style, but desire (and need) to go deeper in order to bring your wardrobe more in alignment with who you are at this particular point in your life.

If you identify closely with 2-3 (or more) of the points below, Private Intensive Days may be right for you:

  1. You have a big event, life change or job change on the calendar, and you need and desire to “look the part.” And you want to make sure your clothing matches your values and desire to dress sustainably.
  2. You want to create a wardrobe that flatters you and brings you joy within a compressed, focused time frame.
  3. You thrive in a VIP setting and know that the intensity and focus of you with Kathleen in person and then virtually will give you the momentum you need to create a modern, relevant and authentic wardrobe filled with pieces you love.
  4. You are super busy all the time, hate to shop, AND can reserve one to three days in person to devote to upgrading your image.
  5. You need a streamlined look that is super easy to wear.


Wondering what other people say about working with me?  Here are some client testimonials:


I wanted to personally evolve and present myself in a more professional manner fitting to a new career. And I wanted a professional to guide me along this journey. I was hesitant because I was self-conscious about opening my closet and showing my clothing. This was a very personal event for me, as I was worried about how I would look. Ultimately, I loved that she picked out clothes/patterns/colors that I would have never chosen myself, and helped me push the fashion boundaries that I was comfortable in. Since working with Kathleen, I feel much more at ease in my new wardrobe no matter what I have decided to wear out the front door. I greatly underestimated how much well-fit clothes contributed to personal confidence. Initially my co-workers started with light jokes about how nice and professional my wardrobe was. Quickly it became that many of them started ironing their clothes, picking nicer slacks and shirts to wear to the office. It was nice recognition to be the catalyst for this change. She is very much the breath of fresh air into a wardrobe to liven up the pieces with color and pattern all the while moving the wardrobe in a professional direction. Adam, Engineer

I wanted to work with Kathleen because I had a lack of knowledge and confidence about style, fit and resources for shopping. I was unsure if my situation was fixable by anyone. For anyone hesitant, Kathleen has a gift to pull your authentic style out while being tender and patient as changes unfold. Her expertise in fit, fashion and style are vast. She is a gem. Seriously, she listens, teaches, guides, encourages and pushes where needed. I love that she focuses on authenticity and providing the tools needed to continue the work we started.  I have changed in more ways than my clothing! It’s profound.  I’m more confident and other-centered in many areas of my life. I’ve learned how powerful clothing can be in times of deep sadness and how powerful it can be in telling people who I am before I say “hello”. I am excited about clothing for the first time in my life!  I feel so much more connected to my authentic self overall. That has made me more confident about my relationships, decisions and self awareness. I’m not afraid to be embarrassed about how I look any more when I go places whether it’s to the grocery store or work. I am wearing my authentic style at all times and that’s always right.  I would recommend Kathleen. Yes! If you need more thorough help, she has what it takes to walk you through that. If you’re looking for your best fit, color, and style she has what it takes to get you there. If you want to start or enhance your authentic image, she is a gift. If you want a quick fix and do not desire to step into the process, this may not be a good fit. Working with Kathleen has been life changing for me. I’ve adjusted my hair style, my make-up, and my clothes to match my most authentic self. There is something special that happens inside when this kind of alignment comes together. Her expertise is priceless and her personality/wisdom is as well. She cares about her clients more than clothes. She listens and brings to light her clients value whether it’s by highlighting just how beautiful your natural hair color really is or giving your jokes a genuine laugh. I can’t recognize the person I was when I started working with her because of how confident, connected and authentic I am now. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Angela, business owner

My biggest fear that led me to work with Kathleen was that I was too old to dress in the way I wanted to. My thought was that the only way to move out of depression was to get help. She put me at ease immediately and I knew she understood how important feeling good about myself and having joy in my life through self expression at any age was.  The best part was hearing her say, “you can do it”, which gave me greater confidence, more joy and more trust in my own ideas and choices.  In addition, I now have a closet of clothes I love, I’m more organized, and I no longer stay away from events. The big thing might be I’m less self critical.  A big thank you, Kathleen, I loved working with you.  Carolyn, age 80, retired

I wanted to look and feel beautiful again.  I was frustrated with getting dressed, and instead I wanted to be excited to walk into my closet. But I was nervous about someone being with me in the vulnerable places like my closet and a dressing room, but I was very comfortable and able to be myself. What has improved is that now I love looking in the mirror. I feel excitement when getting dressed, and I look forward to getting ready for an event rather than dreading it. Kathleen taught me to embrace my body and find clothes that fit me. I feel beautiful and confident and I think everyone deserves that self care and upgrade. Thank you for what you do. Your passion shows through in every aspect of the journey, and that’s what makes the experience so amazing.  Malissa, homemaker

I really did not have a good sense of my image and struggled to find outfits that I felt comfortable in. I would often feel frustrated when getting dressed but did not know why my wardrobe was not working.  Once I met her I had no hesitations. I would tell anyone who is hesitant that it costs a lot less money to invest in someone who shows you how to have an entire wardrobe that you love than to continue to spend lots of money on clothes that don’t suit you or make you happy. She works with you exactly where you are and with exactly the budget you have.  Kathleen works with you to help you move past your unhelpful but strong beliefs about what you should wear. Instead of criticizing or forcing, she helps you find out who you are and shows you how to dress to allow that person to shine through. Since working with Kathleen, getting dressed is an entirely different experience. I do not own one thing that I do not love. I understand how to express who I am on the inside in the clothing that I choose. I have much more confidence and am comfortable in my own skin. There is a match now between who I really am and how I look like on the outside.  My life has improved in many ways. I have the confidence to put my best self forward every day, regardless of where I am going. I recognize myself now and the person who I had lost long ago in trying to look like who I thought I should be. It has been an empowering, strengthening experience for me and has spilled over into all areas of my life. Feeling good about how you look has a tremendous impact in all areas. Courtney, lawyer

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