Shrink Your Closet  Expand Your Wardrobe



In less than 24 hours, your wardrobe will be streamlined and ready for you to tell your story – authentically and faithfully. Find a renewed awareness and real joy in your existing pieces because you asked for professional help.



Dressing responsibly means aligning your spirit, mind, body, AND CLOTHING 

Save money, save time, save the planet, by Shopping Your Closet FIRST.

Before you buy another piece of clothing, let’s search your closet for potential outfits and do a closet purge that takes a couple of hours and saves you thousands of dollars.

Here’s the first step. Ask yourself, DO I HAVE…

A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Too much fast fashion that is plaguing my conscience?

An overstuffed wardrobe?

A few key pieces I wear over and over?

Too much black and grey?

Items with the the tags still on?

Then, together, let’s rewrite your Closet Story with a 2 hour virtual closet session where we…

Sift through your closet to find your core pieces

Create 2-3 capsule wardrobes (using about 25 pieces) for your lifestyle and work

Find the best way to donate or discard the “no” pile

Discover methods to make you the artist in your own closet

Talk about how to move forward with what you already own

Choose the right sustainable buying habits and venues for you


Your closet is a very private space, and I am fully aware that inviting me in is a brave move. On a virtual call, I see only what you want me to see. So we arrange our time together with preliminary homework, and we ease into all conversations with grace and empathy. 

No judgment, just clear cut strategy and warm (virtual) hugs. 

No two clients are alike, of course, so each Shop Your Closet experience requires different information based on your needs. However, all core outcomes are the same:

Finding the best pieces you love and want to wear

The confidence to know you are not harming people or the earth

Virtual Capsule Wardrobes you can access anytime online. 

Access to a selection of the myriad of resources I’ve accumulated over 20 years

Keys to organizing your closet for a more efficient morning

The ability to upload your top 21 pieces to a virtual closet to be styled by me

I only take on a certain number of clients each month.  If you are considering a change to your wardrobe story, please feel free to meet on a 15-minute call before you commit to working with me. If the fit is right, we can continue from there. I would love to meet you and chat about what is and isn’t working for you. The process of shrinking your closest to expand your wardrobe, and dress responsibly costs $600 and includes pre-work, 2-hour video call, virtual closet finds and access via email and text for at least a month. 

Click here to schedule a quick 15 minute call to see if we like each other

What People Say:

I love that this time is about so much more than clothing! It is really helping me to think about the priorities in my life. I am wondering how to align the inside and outside of myself in every way (not only with clothing).

I’ve liked the way you’ve helped me to grow aware of my inner beauty and cast a vision for aligning my outer image with inner beauty, in an invitational way. I love how you’ve built the experience on editing.

It’s been nice to set aside time and focus on myself. I am taking away the realization for the need to help myself in order to help others. Identifying my strengths will help me focus better on what God has next for me.

My closet can represent how I feel about myself, especially as I move to create my self-image with intention.

Ready to Begin?

 If you are ready to start the process of shrinking your closet to expand your wardrobe, and have peace of mind with your clothing choices, click the Apply Here button below. This helps me find out more about you and your wardrobe stories. The process also increases our ability to work effectively and efficiently together.

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