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It was a few years ago that I found myself in a cohort of women in southern California led by MaryKate Morse

Having read her book, Making Room for Leadership, I hoped to glean some insight as an image consultant on how to help my women clients specifically gain confidence in and with their clothing. In continuous conversations with them I encouraged using their clothing to take up space, to be confident, to command attention when needed. I wanted actionable steps for them to take. And I got some.

Recently, a friend and business coach, Casey von Neumann wrote about taking up space in her blog of the same name. She captures a few moments in time that most of us experience during our school years. Here’s an excerpt from her wise writings:

And I’ve spent my adulthood, as we all do, working to put the pieces back together so that I’m not living my life reacting against a nonexistent enemy — or in response to a snide comment made by a child more than thirty years ago. What that means for me today is to allow myself to take up space.

I hope this helps you consider what it means to take up space in your world.And to connect with Casey. Taking up space is different for all of us, and although I prefer to help others do it, I have to endeavor to understand it to be of help to my clients. It’s a compelling subject.

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