The reason we wear clothes is because we are meant to create.

This seems like an odd statement, but the reality is we create because we are created.

And we are here to develop, shape, and form ourselves into the likeness of our Creator.

But what does THAT look like?

Since the Creator is spirit and/or other than us, how are we supposed to “look” like the one who created us?

I purport that any urge for material improvement to image our Creator is not our first calling.

Instead, we have an innate drive to spiritual refinement and a life that calls us to be holy, to be kind, generous, wise, honest, and compassionate.

To be holy is to be whole.

To achieve wholeness (as much as is possible here) is the purpose of our lives.

When we squander our opportunities to improve ourselves and our spiritual side is not ignited, we risk losing ourselves in a lifelong pursuit of things that don’t matter.

And, part of improving ourselves is showing up in the world dressed in a way that represents our values, our calling.

Because getting dressed and choosing clothes from a scriptural place is a hopeful, purposeful, life-changing act.

It ignites in us the means to create, to do, to reach. We wear clothes because we are meant to bring about good in the world. We are required to sow the seeds of compassion, kindness, love and more. To be a light in the darkness.

And if we are aware of our responsibility, it will change the reason we wear clothing. There will be a deeper more meaningful exchange at the cash register. If we take the Bible seriously, then our vocation of glorifying God through good stewardship, wise choices, and thoughtful reflection will happen. And we will be excited to get up, get dressed and get going.

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